Ccavenue Payment Gateway Pricing in India

Ccavenue is the oldest payment gateway in India. It provides payment services to Indian merchants since 2001. It provides real time transaction capability to thousands of merchants in India. Avenues India is the owner of the payment gateway and their main office is located in Mumbai. There phone support and ticketing system is very responsive and works on 24 X 7 environment.

Year: 2001 Speed: Fast Easy
Product Setup Amc Cc Net Banking Phone
Popular Zero 1200 3.5% 4% 0.5%
Privilege 30000 3600 2.25% 2.25% 0.5%
*12.36% service tax is also applicable on transactions.

They recently update their payment gateway interface to accept Multi Currency payments in India called “MARS Gateway”. There gateway is very stable and tested over long time. There payment gateway supports credit card, debit card, net banking, cash cards and mobile payments. They also offer recurring payment solution to clients. They have tie up with all major banks in India.

There Payment Options

CREDIT CARDS: Visa, Master card, Jcb, Dinners Club, American Express
DEBIT CARDS: Maestro, Cirrus, Visa Electron and Plus
NET BANKING: Hdfc, Icici, Sbi, Idbi + 25 more

They also offers phonepay and cash card payment options.

DirecPay Payment Gateway India pricing

DirecPay is an integrated online payment gateway solution for Indian merchants. With the availability of solutions such as DirecPay's payment gateway, India has become a huge market for retailers wanting to sell online. 

Year: 2003 Speed: Fast Easy
Product Setup AMC CC Net Banking Mobile/Others
1 6000 5000 5.5% 5.5% n/a
2 12000 5000 4.5% 4.5% n/a
3 24000 5000 3.75% 3.75% n/a
4 36000 5000 2.75% 2.75% n/a

DirecPay's integrated suite of multiple payment options gives merchants in India an easy & convenient option to grow their online business. DirecPay is one of the first Indian payment solutions providing a credit card payment gateway integrated with debit cards, Net Banking & mobile payments along with a fast, reliable and secure passage for processing eCommerce payments.

With some of the lowest fees in the market, DirecPay has some distinct advantages to drive your online business in India.


Payment Gateway Wars in India

payment gateway

Payment gateway wars in India. In last few months, there are so many “payment gateway providers” starts payment services to Indian merchants.

Now Indian Online Sellers can accept credit cards, debit cards and net banking payments from their customers. Online stores are growing very fast. I also see so many distributors are directly selling their products on eCommerce websites. Due to this, you can buy a latest product online with cheap price. It also takes 2 to 3 days to receive a product. In simple, Indians are buying products from online stores rather than going to physical shops. It makes a great change in eCommerce sector and payment gateway industry is on boom in India.

Each payment gateway provider has their own technological standards. They are differs in many options like some accepts credit cards, debit cards, net banking, cash cards mobile payments and some are not. Some payment options like mobile payments, COD Cash on delivery are still on initial stages.

In payment gateway industry some major players are ccavenue, payu, hdfc, citybank and ebs are on market. A comparison must be needed for all payment gateways. Paymentgateway4u is my blog for comparing payment gateways. In my blog you can see latest payment gateway providers and there features.

Foreign payment gateways like PayPal, Money bookers are still limited to Indian merchants. So it’s good for Indian merchants to accept payment from domestic payment gateways only. Rbi is also restricting many foreign payment services in India. If we accept payments from foreign gateways like paypal, then it’s become more costly to customers, due to currency conversion fees and other charges. So the final product prices with tax will also be an issue for merchants.

Payment gateways setup fees, transaction fees are also going down by day to day. So the growing ecommerce trend in India also boosts our economy. I hope you like it.


Flipkart Payzippy Payment Gateway Charges Pricing & Cost

Payzippy payment gateway pricing is really very low for new merchants. It directly gives competitive cost structure to the payu and ebs payment gateway. As some other charges are not yet defined. I hope we will have to wait for final pricing scenario. 

Payzippy also have no emi option till now. 

ccavenue Year: 2013 Speed: Fast Easy
Product Setup AMC CC Net Banking Mobile/Others
1 0 0 0.75%-3.5% 3.5% n/a
* 12.36 % service tax extra

Flipkart Payzippy Payment Gateway India

Flipkart is the largest eCommerce website in India. They launch a new payment gateway called payzippy for Indian merchants. Payzippy is the newest fastest growing payment gateway in India. There are some features are also required on payzippy like net banking, mobile banking and EMI options for merchants.

PayZippy makes use of world class encryption expertise while saving your card knowledge on highly secure systems. PayZippy's payment systems have passed stringent security audits like PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Knowledge Security Standards) conducted by industry specialists, to be definite that your card knowledge remains safe and protected at all times.

PayZippy offers clients to accept payments from all Credit card and Debit cards. The website of payzippy is also very user friendly and have lots of information for new users. I think pay zippy will rock. Payzippy also provides free customer supports to the merchants between 9am to 9pm on all day.